The key objective of Big Sky Wind Energy is to capitalize on owner, Tylan Shelton's renewable industry experience. Tylan has been in the business since 2006 and involved in the development, construction, and operation of over 2150 MW's. He has performed site analysis on over thirty wind projects in eight states, part of the construction of five projects totaling over 1000 MWs, developed four projects from site selection to financial closing and was the Asset Manager of five project totaling 800 MWs. Tylan has attended dozens of seminars, workshops, conferences, and summits hosted by the American Wind Energy Association, the US Dept. of Energy, the Alternative Energy Institute, the Texas Renewable Energy Association, the Kansas Renewable Energy Association, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife. Tylan has been asked to lecture, speak and present at community colleges, city council meetings, county commissioner hearings, land owner meetings, and town hall meetings. He has been on the advisory board of the renewable energy program at Amarillo College and on the board of directors of Class 4 Winds trade organization. Tylan and Big Sky use this experience to select project sites that have the most favorable feasibility factors for utility scale wind and renewable projects and negotiate terms that are financially viable for all parties. From that point, Big Sky will perform all the necessary steps in project development to get the projects to financial closing and assign the projects to owner/operators. Our projects produce clean, renewable, affordable power. Renewable projects create hundreds of jobs during the development and construction phases for two to five years and ten to fifteen jobs during the operation and maintenance phase for twenty to thirty years. They generate substantial land owner income, the counties realize increased property taxes, and school districts receive significant benefits and other revenues due to the jobs created. The off takers/end users have an affordable power source for twenty to thirty years and the environment is being improved by the avoided carbon emissions that are normally produced by fossil fuel power sources. Our product is fully developed (turnkey) utility scale renewable energy projects ready for construction.

Westerly Wind Sells Texas Wind Project to First Wind

  • First Wind purchases large wind farm development project from Westerly Wind and its development partner, Big Sky Wind Energy.
    View full Press Release here.

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