Our services are based on the ten basic steps in delivering a turnkey, fully developed wind or renewable projects that are ready for construction.

  1. Site selection: Choosing a sites that have attractive renewable resources, accessibility, terrain exposure, and transmission or gas line access.
  2. Lease agreements: Negotiating an agreement that is financially viable for all parties.
  3. Renewable resource assessment: Installing meteorological towers or other necessary equipment to evaluate the wind, solar or renewable resource data collected.
  4. Environmental review: Evaluating the project's environmental/archeological impact.
  5. Economic modeling: Evaluating the development, installation, operations and management cost verses the projected income generated by power production.
  6. Interconnection studies: The power grid operators evaluate the peak and off peak load capacity at the transmission line interconnect point.
  7. Permitting: Acquiring the necessary local, state and federal permits for the development, and construction of the project.
  8. Power Purchase Agreements: Acquiring a power purchase agreement with one or more off takers.
  9. Interconnection agreement: Acquiring an agreement to interconnect to the power grid.
  10. Financing: Acquiring the investors that are willing to finance project construction.

Our services include:

  1. Desk top site assessment
  2. Site reconnaissance
  3. Landowner engagement and land acquisition
  4. Manage Resource, Environmental, Interconnect, Survey consultants and contractors
  5. Tax entity engagement and abatement acquisition
  6. Agency liaison and permit acquisition
  7. Manage interconnection agreement process
  8. Support project design
  9. Project marketing
  10. Support PPA, Tax Equity and Lender agreement acquisition
  11. Support project construction
  12. Support project O&M and Asset Management initiatives
  13. Repower Lease and Abatement extension

Westerly Wind Sells Texas Wind Project to First Wind

  • First Wind purchases large wind farm development project from Westerly Wind and its development partner, Big Sky Wind Energy.
    View full Press Release here.

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